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Collection From Inside Your Residence

Old Electronics

What items do you collect with an inside collection?

  • Please review our acceptable item list.
  • We can collect the same items as the No Charge Collection service.
  • Unlike the curbside program there is not a limit on the number of items we will collect.

Old Refrigerator

How do I get an estimate?

  • In many cases if we are provided a detailed list of items and the location of the items we can provide an estimate over the telephone or by reply to an e-mailed Quote Request.
  • Our drivers can provide free estimates and in many cases service on the same day.
  • Our supervisors can provide free estimates as well as scheduling your collection.

Old Sofa

How do I Schedule a collection?

  • Appointments can be made using the Quote Request Form or by telephone.
  • Recology Sunset Scavenger customers, please call:
    (415) 330-1300.
  • Recology Golden Gate customers, please call (415) 626-4000.

Old Stereo

Can I have the charge applied to my garbage bill?

  • Yes, we can place the charge on your garbage bill.
  • We also will accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard