No Charge Residential Curbside Collection

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Do I qualify for a No Charge Curbside Collection?

  • The - No Charge Residential Curbside Collection program is only available to residents of the city of San Francisco.
  • Participating properties must have an active residential or apartment account with Recology Sunset Scavenger or Recology Golden Gate.
  • The account must be active for minimum of 30 days.

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How many collections do I get?

  • Residential customers are entitled to two No Charge Curbside Collections per calendar year.
  • Multi-family owners/operators are entitled to one No Charge Curbside Collection for each building per calendar year.
  • Multi-family tenants: each unit within an apartment building is entitled to one No Charge Curbside Collection per calendar year.
  • Tenants may call us directly to schedule a collection.
  • Unused collections do not accumulate.

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What items can I place out for collection?

  • Please review our acceptable item list.
  • Have a list of the items you want us to take away ready when you call to schedule a collection.
  • This program is not for household garbage items or recyclable items that can be collected in your recycling cart (i.e.; paper, cardboard, bottles and cans).
  • You are responsible for all material set out at your address.

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What if I have more than 10 items or I am out of Curbside Collections for the year?

  • Customers with more than ten items can pre-approve the collection and charge for additional items from the curb.
  • Customers who have used their allotted No Charge Curbside collections for the calendar year may schedule additional appointments through the program for a charge.
  • Customers who may have items that they can not place at the curb may combine their No Charge Curbside collection with a collection.

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How do I schedule a No Charge Curbside collection?

  • Customers of Recology Sunset Scavenger may call
    (415) 330-1300.
  • Customers of Recology Golden Gate may call
    (415) 626-4000.
  • Tell our customer service representatives exactly what items you want us to collect.
  • Our No Charge Curbside Collection service is available Monday through Friday.
  • We will schedule your collection for the next available business day.

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How do I set my items out for collection?

  • Place your items neatly at the curb in front of your residence no earlier than 6:00 PM the day before the scheduled collection and no later than 6:00 AM the day of the scheduled collection.
  • Write the letters RMJ on a piece of paper and attach it to one of your items. This will let City agencies know your setout is scheduled for a collection.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Unless you identify an alternate curbside location (back alley, etc...) our drivers will only look for your setout in front of the service address you give us.